BENEFITS OF ceramic coating for YOUR Car

protection from the elements

Ceramic coating repels water and makes it harder for dust, dirt, and debris to stick to your car or chip its paint.

easier, cost-effective maintenance

Since your car won't get as dirty, you won't have to put in as much effort (or money) to get it washed or waxed as often.

sleek look

With its glossy finish, ceramic coating will enhance your car's overall look and style.

keep color vibrant longer

Your car will be protected from harmful UV rays with its ceramic coating, keeping its color from fading.


This product delivers a superior gloss, superb hydrophobicity, and easy application. It maintains the new car look, aids in car washing, and can be layered over RX 752 or Rx 520 for an extra slick finish.


Enjoy clear visibility in rain or at night, with long-lasting hydrophobic performance. No need for windshield wipers at moderate speeds with a robust hydrophobic coating, ensuring a more comfortable drive by repelling rainwater effectively.

Paint COATING RX 520

Features a strong chemical resistance and anti- fouling to protect car from various
external environmental factors Including acid rain, bird secretion, insect carcass, calcium chloride, and UV light. It presents a perfect balance ability to reasonable price and usability.

Paint COATING RX 752

Best ability and durability among Blask lineups. Advanced Nano Technology of RX 752 has the best adhesion to paint surface. The 9H hardness provides scratch resistance and the best protection from the elements.

Leather COATING LX 904

LX 904 forms hydrophobic coating layer to protect leather from exterior dust. It protects natural texture and color of leathers to maintain the exclusiveness of cars for a long time, and prevents discoloration and anti- fouling to maximize the convenience.

Two Layer coat RX 752 + RX 711

By layering RX 711 on top of RX 752 or 520, the synergy effect of the two products is maximized and the best protections are achieved.

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